Everyone — skaters included — needs a few quality tees in their wardrobe. They’re the default casual item that pairs just as well with jeans as they do with chinos, and with their always-comfortable fit, you’ll wear it out — and still keep it in rotation.

With skateboarders, though, your clothing has to let you move — no restricting, fashion-for-the-sake-of-fashion styles. And, as you can see from even casual skaters, there’s always some brand allegiance going and long-held appreciation for 1990s-era skate wear.

With these points in mind, Lakai has been expanding our line of T-shirts. A mix of long- and short-sleeve tees get you through the year, whenever you want to go skate. Much like our shoes, they’re built upon classic, reliable construction that always feels right — ribbed crewnecks, set-in sleeves and double-stitching for durability. Make your preference known with classic Lakai graphic tees, featuring our distinguishable flare logo, or branch out with various skate-based designs and collaborations.